SRS Audio Essentials

An application that can boost sound quality and manage sound input on your Windows device

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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How you hear your music, movies and games is directly affected by the quality of your speaker system; however, SRS Audio Essentials works to enhance how each layer of audio is produced and projected. With complex audio-customizing options and features, this program takes your digital audio files and allows them to be displayed in stunning audio quality.

Music Playback

Although users of SRS Audio Essentials may have more on their mind than simply playing music. Even so, the features and technologies placed within this program provide a platform for outstanding music sound quality.

Users may adjust a wide array of audio levels to perfect the outpouring sound. The automatically adjusting settings ensure the widest spectrum of sound be delivered. Unlike standard audio players which produce a very small percentage of the sound spectrum, SRS Audio Essentials gains control over a much higher percentage. Resulting in higher pitches and solid, grounding lows within tracks.

With SRS Audio Essentials the bass and lower pitches are produced with an impressive heaviness while the higher frequencies produced through instruments or digital effects are as clear as they are piercing. Overall, music filtered through SRS Audio Essentials produces a much more vibrant audio picture than similar audio enhancing programs.

Capturing the Whole Story in Films

Much of a film is told through its sound. The near-silent whisper, the unmistakable thud or the tearful goodbye between two lovers are made powerful through their audio levels. Unfortunately, most computers and standard stereo systems are ill-equipped to handle the intricacies of film audio.

SRS Audio Essentials features a total of six various presets. Designed to dramatically enhance the vibrancy, clarity and fullness of its particular sound requirements, these presets will quickly change how you interact with your audio entertainment. In the realm of films, SRS Audio Essentials works by not only widening the scope of sound, but also containing and adjusting background noises and instrumental tracks.

Be in Your Video Game

Video games have come leaps and bounds in terms of visual quality and storytelling capabilities. Users are actually part of this world; however, if your audio system cannot handle the dynamic and multi-faceted audio frequencies found in most games, then you're not fully experiencing this digital world.

SRS Audio Essentials features a video game preset, which is professionally designed to work with the complex nature of game audio files. This union between programs results in an expanded and colorful sound spectrum that automatically adjusts various frequencies and sound levels to produce the clearest audio possible. Finally, you can enjoy the various depths of video game sounds and get the most out of this immersive experience.

System Specifications

In a basic sense, SRS Audio Essentials works hand-in-hand with your computer audio system to adjust frequencies and levels based upon speaker strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other audio programs, this program is an add-on that works with most industry-standard media players. Therefore, you don't have to worry about learning a new media player or exporting your files to a new format. Rather, activate and customize SRS Audio Essentials and then go about your business. Instantly, the audio streaming from speakers will reach new heights in clarity, depth and crispness.

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